Monday, 26 May 2014

Expectations and Trepidations

"The Ride"

C2C - Coast to Coast - 2014

It has been about seven months since my good friend Sid Dickinson mentioned to me that he planned to ride across Canada to commemorate his 70th birthday, and although I am still not sure if I was 100% serious at the time, I did say, "I think I would like to do that with you".  Following a number of discussions over the next few weeks, hearing more about his plans, and doing some research on the internet, I realized that I was clearly on board to make the trip with Sid.  Since that time, his quiet little commemorative ride has morphed into a full on charitable event in support of our two local hospitals, the Collingwood General & Marine, and the Meaford Hospital.  Sponsors have come forward without even asking, and help and support from friends and family is just never ending and much appreciated.  We are now days away from flying to Vancouver to begin the ride.  At last report our support vehicle and camper trailer, are somewhere northwest of Sudbury heading west to meet us on the coast.  Captain Jon and co-pilot Chuck report all systems are go.

I will be blogging daily on this site, sharing the cheek clenching details of our ride, hopefully some pictures, and the odd video here and there.  My ride data will be uploaded and available for viewing via and, and I will let you know shortly how to access my stats on those sites.  I will also be posting on Facebook, so let's be Friends.  Sid will be blogging via the primary ride website through the GBC Foundation page .  His ride stats will be similar to mine, although his will show long periods of  inactivity as he waits for me to catch up!  

The generosity of our sponsors cannot be ignored.  They are amazing, stepping up to the plate in a big way to make this ride happen, and to help maximize the benefit to the hospitals. Many thanks to all.

Here's the plan in round numbers.............

Total distance Vancouver to St.Johns - 7,200km
Start - June 4
Ride average 120km/day, 6 days a day off/week
Anticipate 3-4 days for ferries
Spending 2 days in Collingwood on the Pass Through mid-July
Finish - August 14

All the above is subject to a lot of factors beyond our!!!!!!!....mechanical breakdown!!!.....mental breakdown!!!

Hopefully I survive all the above, stick to the schedule, and arrive safely in St.Johns in mid-August.  My biggest fear is the unknown.  I have never been on a multi-day destination ride before, and never contemplated distances like about starting with a big one.  Second biggest fear is that I won't be able to do it and will let Sid down........just want to  stay with him the whole way.  I expect if I do, I will see Canada from a totally new perspective, meet some interesting people, see some beautiful scenery, and have the experience of a lifetime.  Glad you are following along with us.



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