Tuesday, 12 August 2014

August 12 - Day 1 - Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

As I sit here looking out on Georgian Bay from the cottage, kind of a muggy day with that predictable onshore breeze blowing steadily, I can't seem to put this thing to rest just yet.

I know I forgot to thank Kathie yesterday, and recognize her huge contribution to The Ride, as she was our contact with the outside world when we were stuck in the boonies somewhere with no internet access, and minimal cell coverage, our weatherman, schedule coordinator, and planning consultant.  Thanks Kathie.......couldn't have done it without your help.  Steve and Greg at GBC have provided Sid with his blog access, and reworked the GBC website to put The Ride C2C front and centre for all to see, and to make donating to the cause so much easier for all.  Thanks for everything.

But here I sit, my bike still in pieces out in the garage after unpacking from the shipping box........needs a damn good cleaning before I put it back together.........and I'm actually thinking about going out for a ride, but my shoes are still wet from the last few days of riding in the rain so will probably pass.  I need one of those good campground hand dryers to dry them out.

I hope Sid, Kathie, and Jon, are enjoying Newfoundland, wish them well on their travels, and that Sid has a great ride into St.Johns in a few days.

Some of you have asked about yesterdays blog title - "And In The End the route you take is equal to the route you make."...........a twist on a line from the song The End, the last song the Beatles recorded collectively on Abbey Road.......fitting I think.

I took a look at a map last night, and think I will do myself a favour, and read my own blog, following the map as I go.  So many memories, and probably just as many that need me to do this to be fresh in my mind once again.  The one thing that strikes me is just how far it is from Vancouver to Sydney, and when you look at it in one big chunk, it seems inconceivable that you could do it on a bicycle, but many people do.  I hope their experience equals or exceeds mine, and their memories last forever as I know mine will.

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