Tuesday, 5 August 2014

August 4 - Day 61 - The Non-Blog Blog

As expected, Billy D. took us back up the road to the Trans Canada where we would start our ride into Moncton.  It was decided we should bite the bullet on secondary roads today, as they seemed to stray way north before arriving in Moncton, and just take #2 which is the most direct route into town. The Trans Canada, #2, is a big wide 4 lane divided highway in this part of the country, with lovely wide smoothly paved shoulders.  The weather was warm, the winds mild, and surface conditions next to perfect, so the morning two hour spin resulted in 56km, which is a pretty good number as we did encounter quite a few hills.  But, riding on the highway like this, you see absolutely nothing, pass through no cute little small towns, and have very few photo opportunities.  I didn't take a picture all day long!

Man, what a boring blog.........I really have nothing to say about the ride (academic), the scenery (none), or anything interesting that happened along the way (oh there was a thunderstorm up ahead for a while).  It really makes a difference when you can ride the secondary roads and catch the local flavour.  The Trans Canada serves a purpose, but is pretty sterile from a bicycle seat.

I will supplement this atrocious excuse for a blog with a stunning, mind blowing, report about my day off in Moncton later today......stay tuned


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