Monday, 11 August 2014

August 9 - Day 67 - Aruba, Jamaica, ooh I wanna take ya to, Whycocomagh

I woke early this morning, anxious I guess to get on the road for my second last ride of the trip.  The weather looked great, but the forecast was for more rain, in fact it was supposed to be raining right now.  I went through my normal morning routine, but had to do some extra work on the bike after yesterdays ride in the rain.  A complete clean and lube was in order, so I wrapped that up and headed into the trailer for some chow.  It wasn't long before Sid and I were ready to go.

Jack playing catch with Poppa........some memories here.....special moments

Our morning two hour spin went well, covering what has become the usual 40-50km, the weather was holding, and after deciding just to stick with the Trans Canada today, the roads were great.  A familiar looking grey Jetta, Kelly's car, went past us a short time later with horn blaring and hands waving out the window, followed shortly by Jon with the trailer.  Both vehicles stopped up ahead, and we were greeted by everyone, including Kelly's husband Michael, who had arrived this morning after taking the red eye from Vancouver, and a shuttle to Antigonish from Halifax.  He noted that in less than 24 hours he had just travelled what it had taken us since June 4 to accomplish.........interesting thought.  Great to see him again since we last shook hands and said goodbye in Vancouver on Day1.  After a quick break it was back on the road.
Looking back at Antigonish.......St. Francis Xavier U standing out

The skies opened up on us once again with some intermittent heavy showers, and lots of the steady variety, but luckily there was only some distant thunder, and no lightning.  The temperature stayed warmish, so getting a little wet wasn't all that bad.  Can't believe I am saying that, as I have been known to postpone a ride just because of a threat of rain in Collingwood.  All in all it was a very nice ride, crossing onto Cape Breton Island, but I was happy to see the km's counting down as we neared Whycocomagh, our home for the evening.

Bridge over the canal as we get onto Cape Breton

Our night at camp was nothing short of fantastic.  Sid's other daughter Cindy arrived in Whycocomagh with her husband Ian and family, Zoe, Jamie, and Charlie, just in time for post ride brewskies, and it definitely brought some new life into the place, with a baseball game going on in one field, a steady string of contestants at the ping pong picnic table, and plans being made for dinner.  Even the late afternoon rain wouldn't keep us down, as the group simply moved to a recreation hall just up the hill, with BBQ, food, drinks, and dishes, all in tow.  Sid took a turn on the BBQ and turned out some great burgers and dogs.......couple of salads......couple of beers.......couldn't have been better.

Family dinner

Kelly teaching Michael a lesson

Lots of chatter today with new blood in camp.  Plenty of questions about the ride, and the fact that it is over for me tomorrow.  Wow......what a journey......hope I can make it up that last hill.

Some parting shots................

Not sure if this is mussels, scallops, or fish farm

Coming up tomorrow

There is an election in these parts soon, and this candidate decorated his front lawn with cutouts of some TV stars..........not sure if this is what I would want in a politician, but sure gets your attention

I didn't get a chance to try the McLobster, but where else  wold you expect to see this

Quarrying right by the trucking involved, just right onto the ship

OK, say this fast three times


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