Tuesday, 5 August 2014

August 3 - Day 60 - Missing the Narrows

We had a very pleasant stay in Nackawic, home to the World's Largest Axe,  and the Big Axe Brewery, but all too short.  Our ride today will take us beyond Gagetown to the south and east, into Cambridge Narrows, to hook up with Bill and Janet at Jeff's cottage (Janet's brother), and chances are that Andrew and Cynthia will be there also.

Sticking with our plan from the last few days, we decided that the old Trans Canada, now #105, would be a better ride than the new #2, so we headed off under sunny skies with minimal wind, and almost zero traffic........perfect.  Making good time was a foregone conclusion, and after the opening two hour spin we found ourselves just a short distance from Fredricton, and decided that would be a good spot to have lunch, plus we wanted to see the town.  It was well worth the stop, as this is a lovely small city, with many historic attractions in the downtown area that have been well preserved and cared for over the years, and plenty of green space with access to the waterfront.  Everyone was out riding and walking, or relaxing over brunch at one of the many sidewalk cafe's.  Great spot that I would like to revisit.

The Provincial Legislature 
The Waterfront

Finding a lunch spot was easy, as we were told the lighthouse had good food and a view of the water. I had a lovely breaded scallop basket that hit the spot perfectly.  We were on the road again in good time with Gagetown in our sights.

Aye matey

Somewhere along the line our directions, and sense of distance got screwed up.  After asking for directions at a gas station and receiving what sounded like good information, we found ourselves at an intersection not knowing which way to go.  It has been a while since I have done this, but "Call Bill to the rescue".  Bill was there in no time, and saved the day.  Our target was actually Cambridge Narrows, south of Gagetown, and we narrowly missed it by 10-15 km.  Better than our last miss, so we are getting better.  

In a short time we were at Jeff's cottage, and found most of the crew out on a snazzy looking fun station in they river.  It didn't take long to get on a bathing suit and join in the fun, and this is a full service cottage, with all the toys you can imagine, so it was a great afternoon.  Dinner was next on the agenda, and everyone pulled together to make a terrific meal.  

The day was capped with a roaring fire down by the river, a fireworks display courtesy of our neighbours on the opposite bank, and a couple of adult beverages.  This stop was just what the doctor ordered, so many thanks to Jeff for hosting, and to Bill and Janet for setting it up.  

 Janet and Jack
Fun Station Deluxe

Tomorrow we ride to Moncton.........our first day off after 15 consecutive full riding days.  It will be a welcome rest. 

Parting shots........................

Someone local carves these pigs so you see them everywhere


Nice fire

What a setting......loving NB


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