Thursday, 12 June 2014

June 13 - Day 10 - First Time I've Been Short in a While

I suppose after the run of great weather we have had, we were due for a bad day, and it arrived today.  We spent a chilly night in the Lake Louise Campground, and awoke to rain and 2 degrees for our big run down to Calgary.  Well, after a couple of hours I was pretty much soaked through and needed to head into Banff to pick up some new waterproof gloves and change clothes in the trailer.  We had a good run from Banff to Canmore during a break in the rain, then pushed ahead for Calgary, but the skies opened up again, picked up a rear flat tire, and eventually decided to spend the night here in the Kananaskis area west of Calgary.  Missed our first target of the trip, coming up short and only logging 108km, but hope to make up the miles lost over the next few days, and get back on schedule.  It was Jon who reminded me that today was Friday the 13th, which explains everything.

 Haven't been here in over 30 years.........substantially improved!
Sid, Jon, Hugh at le Lac

I don’t have any pictures from today because I couldn’t see anything worth taking for the low slung clouds lingering around everywhere, and I wouldn’t let Sid take a picture of me in my rain gear as I looked like a total boner.   Sid took a few on the great paved bike trail that runs from Lake Louise to Banff, and then continues from Banff to Canmore, something many communities should take a look at with the popularity of cycling on the rise……..think it would be a real hit in the Georgian Bay area. 

Good morning World......our campground in Kananaskis this morning

Our ground crew lost a member yesterday as Steve left us to return to Vancouver.  Steve was very resourceful, and could make things happen in the blink of an eye.  A campsite with no firewood and none available for sale, suddenly had a roaring fire going in the pit.  I am sure our neighbours are still trying to figure out what happened to their picnic table.  Jon has been left alone to watch over us, and was terrific today with the weather issues we had.  Tomorrow is another day, and hopefully not as wet and cold as today, but whatever it is, we will be out there...........feeling good.........Hugh

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