Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Day 7 - Getting Hot up the Canyon

Today we had a relaxing morning, did the laundry, hung it out to dry like good little campers, and did some errands in town.  We broke camp late morning and boogied 35km up the canyon towards Rogers Pass, with Canyon Hot Springs our target destination.  On one hand, we wanted to knock some distance off our ride to Golden the next day, but the opportunity to soak the sore muscles made it a slam dunk, and off we rode.

Leaving Revy on the old bridge

The old and the new

Pretty good climbs along the way but very manageable grades, and guess what, beautiful scenery.  What did you do on your day off?  Still great road conditions, and only the odd driver that gets a little too close for comfort.

Hwy 1 between Revelstoke and Canyon Hot Springs (CHS)

We were greeted by the owner for 21 years of CHS, Agnes, a lovely lady exuding pride of ownership and happy to help with whatever we needed.  The only thing she couldn't do was provide decent wifi service, or even a signal we could pick up .........here we are, Rogers customers, in Rogers Pass, and the only language they spoke was Telus.  So the rest of the day we relaxed by the pool, with the hot one at 104........here are some shots from around the CHS property.

Hope this video turns out.....if not will post on Facebook.

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