Wednesday, 4 June 2014



Our day started in a special way, with Sid having the chance to ride with his three grandsons in Vancouver.  Jack, Max, and Henry, were up for the task, and had a great ride with their Papa, and have now joined us for the evening at our campsite in Agassiz.  Although we managed to get turned around a little trying to leave the city, we got some good intel from a local rider and were on our way.  

It was a relatively flat ride, breezy off and on, and loads of interesting things to see along the road.  Logging trucks like crazy all day long once we left town, stretches of road where you would think you were riding through a cedar lined closet, and huge log booms out on the water, making their way to the mills.

Campground is great, thanks to Jon and Steve for setting up camp and getting everything ready........ just had my first .25 cent shower (metered) of the trip, and hot water was a plus..........was going to do the .50 cent thing, but knew Sid was following me in and didn't want to drain the tank.  Dinner is in the works, so will have to leave you soon and lend a hand.  

Many thanks to Kelly and Michael for hosting us for the last couple of days in North Van, Kelly for taking all the pictures, and the kids for being great. Had the chance to rock some jerseys on the shore.....not the Jersey Shore.......jerseys on the shore........proud to be wearing C3, NZ, colours off and on during the trip.......and the Creemore jersey........just reminded me I need another cold one

The ride data is kinda screwed up today, but will be more accurate tomorrow.  I shut down in the city when we were turned around, so we actually did more than what is shown........although I don't remember going 124/km/hr, having a max cadence of 135rpm, or burning 5,608 calories.......I'm taking it.......the Garmin doesn't lie...........our goal tomorrow is Boston Bar, BC.......some climbing involved, and another 100km+ ride........until tomorrow..........Hugh


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