Thursday, 5 June 2014

Day Two - Heading up the Valley

Our day started early after our first nights sleep in the camper, which was both warm and comfortable.........I was so whacked I wouldn't have known the difference either way, but did awake early, refreshed, and ready to ride.  The early stages were long straight flat runs in the lower Fraser River Valley that seemed to go on forever, although every once in a while there was a short climb which offered up some great views of the river below.  The Fraser is really churning this time of year, and is brown in colour due to all the silt.

Eventually we started running into some longer steeper inclines, and as the saying goes, what goes up must come down, so we experienced the fast descents on the other side.  Trucks continue to fly along the highway in great numbers, and may only be outnumbered by the numerous RV's we have seen.  Both are pretty scary when you get onto a section of road with little or no shoulder, and don't talk to me about tunnels!  I can't believe that cyclists actually ride through them, as Sid and I were a little freaked and walked the last couple rather than ride through. Check out the video and you'll see what I mean..........had to post on Facebook as the up wouldn't work here

Tomorrow is a big day for us, and will include many hills, all day long, as we head further up the valley to Cache Creek, some 120km away.  It will be a good test, but if what we saw today is any indication, the grade of the hills should be very consistent, allowing you to get in a good rhythm for the ascent.  Weather forecast is also favourable so should be a fantastic day.

I posted my daily stats again, and think I broke the World Land Speed Record for an old guy on a 10 speed.........what was it.....135 km/hr.......still figuring it out, and forgot to turn on a couple of times after stops, so missed a few km here and there, but mostly it is pretty accurate.  Will take some more pictures tomorrow, but still figuring out the new GoPro also.

All the best.........Hugh


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