Tuesday, 24 June 2014

June 24 - Day 21 - Blowin in Brandon

Today the wind gods re-emerged to let us know once and for all who is in charge out here on the prairies.  After lulling us to sleep over the past few days with a nice little push from behind, they started us off this morning with some cross wind action out of the north, then after about 20-30km initiated the full frontal attack, which began at a civilized15km/hr, increasing in intensity to 30km/hr by 1:00pm (TWN) but it felt like 100 to me.

Bottom line, I suck in the wind.  No worries though, just kept on plugging, and we made it to our fantastico campsite at Bry-Mar Campground on the east side on Brandon by about 2pm.  Only 92km on the road today, and think we split up the remaining km to Winnipeg over the next two days.  Wind will not be in our favour.......praying tonight.  It freaks me out when I think that just 21 days ago we pushed off in Vancouver......what a distance we have come, but I don't think we have even covered what we will log going across Ontario by itself.
First Prize so far for for community signs on the edge of town......this one is great

We sprung Jon loose for the day as it was such a short ride.  He blew by us as we were stopped to take this one.......just had to.........

It was a totally uneventful day, with Sid and I spending most of the morning riding side by side chatting about anything and everything.  Road conditions were good, resulting in a flat free day......first one of those we have had in a while.  We are looking forward to Winnipeg when good friend Billy Dagneau will take over driving duties from Jon.  Jon has been nothing short of fantastic the whole trip, and will be missed when he leaves, but hope he might decide to re-join for part of the eastern swing.  I hope he gives Bill the run down on how to take care of us two, as he sure knows how to do that.  I'm sure we will be just fine.

People have been asking me about the bikes, and even though Sid and I both have spares, we have been on just one each exclusively.........I'm on the Cervelo R3, and Sid is on his new TREK, with the old one keeping my S5 company in the back of the SUV.

I can't believe my blog is done and it is barely 7pm..........usually sitting there at 11 trying to finish up........could use an early night.......will be back at ya tomorrow.  Best to Uncle Joe.

Bye all.........Hugh

Could be a fire tonight


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