Saturday, 7 June 2014

Day 3 - Up the Creek

We expected a big Day 3 from Boston Bar to Cache Creek, having checked the maps before the trip, and it was a good one.  Stats show we climbed 1,445m......4,750ft, travelling over 120km, and it felt like all of that.  Very few truly flat sections, seemed like we were always on a 2-3% grade up, even when it looked flat.  Best news of the day was very few logging trucks, and none after we went through Lytton, and NO TUNNELS.  Overall the roads have been really quite good with only a few sections that are beat up badly enough that you can't ride on the shoulder, but drivers, especially the truckers, have been very courteous.

The Thompson River rolling south to meet the Fraser

Somehow we missed hooking up with the support vehicle today and ran really short of water, but Sid, resourceful as ever, spotted a car at a scenic overlook ........a few minutes later we were re-stocked with water and some really good veggie/nut bars.  Many thanks to.......get this.......a blonde German woman.......Helen, who came to our aid.

I will be in touch from Kamloops tomorrow after a 100km of terrain much like today.  Weather might finally change........expecting some rain overnight and tomorrow, so we'll see how it goes.

You may have looked at my stats for today, and noticed that I blew away my new land speed record from yesterday.........think I have solved the problem, and only totally accurate info from now on (sure).......oh, and forgot to restart the Garmin twice after stops today, so we're a couple of km short.......when you're doing 7,200 does that really matter...........cheers all........till tomorrow.....Hugh


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