Thursday, 19 June 2014

June 19 - Day 16 - DAY OFF

Today was our first whole day off since we started the trip on June 4, having only taken a half day last week in BC at Canyon Hot Springs.  It was nice waking up with no alarm, although I awoke at the same time anyway, and there was no rushing about getting ready for the daily ride.  Nice cuppa coffee, read the paper online, and coordinated the day's activities with Sid and John.  Sid was convinced he needed to spend some time downtown, taking care of correspondence, computer issues, and other business, plus meeting the handful of people in Swift Current he didn't already know.  John and I dropped him, asked the first person we saw where to find a good cooked breakfast, and ended up at a very modern restaurant.
Breakfast was excellent, and very modern

Jon and I cruised the main street, spending some time in the local thrift store looking for bargoons, and couldn't resist the smell of the Dutch Bakery.  Plenty of Hutterites in town today, and apparently many who live in this area around Swift Current.  Seem pretty nice, but don't have much to say to regular folk.
The SUV always draws a lot of attention with the sponsor logos all over the body

From downtown it was up to the north east edge of town to the mall (next to the Casino), and a visit to Staples.  I figured we needed a business card sized handout for people who wanted to know more about The Ride, that would direct them to the website and blogs, so with laptop in hand I approached the help desk and was greeted by Meaghan, who within an hour, had me out of the store with a couple of hundred cards in hand.  I had to cut them all, and that is why they are all different sizes, but will work just fine.  I can't thank her enough for all the help.  Staples should be happy to have her on staff, she was just wonderful.

John and I did some shopping and headed back to camp.  Made some yummy rice cakes for the next few days on the bike, hung a washing line to dry out everything from yesterdays ride, screwed around with my GoPro, cleaned and lubed the bike, then ready to go back downtown to watch Greece - Japan at Akropol........Opa.....Opa.........

Jon working on his latest masterpiece
A Greecey spoon......actually great restaurant 

Sid managed to wrangle a massage somehow, so we picked up his computer at the shop, took some pictures of the rail yards, and again, back to camp for the evening, just ahead of some huge black clouds.

Safely in the camper now.......cuppa tea, then off to bed.......back on the bikes tomorrow for what could be a big mileage day if the wind cooperates..........hoping to be in Regina in two days.  The weatherman says I will not have to wear rain gear tomorrow, might even get away with just shorts, so that is great news.  Once again, thanks for your hearing from you......all the best......Hugh


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