Saturday, 5 July 2014

July 5- Day 31 - How many bites did you get!

This morning was all about escaping Mosquito Hollow with the fewest number of bites to your person.  It was crazy down in the hollow.......they were everywhere.  Bill at least had someone to drive with today, and we were not short of company either when we opened the trailer for our pit-stop.  What is the life span of a mosquito anyway?

 Hopefully views like this for the next few days

The ride up to Nipigon was quick and with the wind, then we turned east to head across the lake to Sault Ste. Marie, and it switched to across, then eventually right into us for the balance of the day.  The promised hills materialized, and we put in some nice climbs this afternoon.  A couple of the inclines were challenging, with grades in the high 7% - over 8% range, so it was a grind, but I have not felt that burn in my legs since BC, so it was welcomed back.  When you climb up, you will always come down, and man did we have some beautiful long descents today that just went on forever.

 Sid Climbing to top of Kama Hill

Hugh's new climbing machine

Shit, I want one of those!

Our home base for the evening is Rossport Provincial Park, and we are a stones throw from the shore of Lake Superior.  What a beautiful scenic ride today.  This shoreline is AB FAB, and not anything I would have imagined.  Lovely pebbled beaches interspersed between wave softened slabs of granite, where you can look out on the coastal islands which all have a story to tell.

It should be a beautiful ride tomorrow, and we expect other named climbs/hills along the way.  We expect to end up east of Marathon near Penn Lake.  Who knows, just loving the riding the last few days.  Cheers to to you tomorrow.

Parting Shots


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