Sunday, 6 July 2014

July 6 - Day 32 - Rossport - ????????

I was awakened early this morning by some fairly loud thunder off in the distance, which was followed very quickly by the lightning, and rain.  The storm was sizeable and gave us concerns about our planned ride for the day which was 100km+ to Penn Lake, east of Marathon, but after checking with our weather correspondent (Kathie) we discovered that the bulk of the storm had already passed over us, and there was a fairly clear window of opportunity if we got out on the road.

Foggy Morning

Approaching Rossport, our home for last evening, there is a sizeable climb known as Kama Hill.  We made the climb, then enjoyed  a huge downhill coast into town, and along the waterfront to our camp on the shore of Superior.  As I have come to understand more and more on this trip, you climb up, you get to coast back down, but then you have to climb back up again.  This morning, right out of the bunks, was a 10km uphill heading east out of Rossport.  Not my preferred start to the day, but it definitely got the blood flowing.  We seemed to be climbing fairly steady for the first hour or so on the bikes, and with the big climb behind us, it was a series of 2-3% grade ups that just wouldn't quit, one after the other.  I was pretty bagged after 90 minutes and pulled into a coffee shop/restaurant/motel/gas station in Terrace Bay to get a hot drink and have a break.  The fog had been getting steadily worse all morning, and after Sid and I came out from the break it was looking really bad.  We road down the road a short distance, but then returned to our break location, called Billy, and waited for the trailer to arrive.

Smart Rail Car.....before its time
I am in the trailer now with Billy and Sid, waiting out the fog.  An advisory has been posted by Environment Canada and it doesn't look good out there........hard to see even across the street, so no way we are riding out there until it clears up a little.  The chicky in the motel tells us there is no paved shoulder a short way out of Terrace Bay, so would have to ride on the edge of the road, and that is just not happening until the fog clears.

This actually looks better than it is

If we get some more riding in, I will keep you updated, and if not, will keep you updated on where we land for the evening.  Billy has hooked us up to electrical off an outside plug at the motel, and we have an open wifi signal available also, so for now, living large in the trailer.

What, no dogs?'s a park!

Last night we blogged you from Serendipity Gardens in Rossport, a restaurant/art gallery/gift shop/B&B in the centre of the village.  Great food!  We all had the daily trout special, and were told the fish had arrived in a bucket at the back door that morning, and hence the special.  It was fantabulous......Red Fin Lake Trout.......a new one on me, but will be looking for it from now on!

Here is one from the other day.......enjoy

We stayed in Terrace Bay.....never got better outside.....better tomorrow!!!!


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