Thursday, 3 July 2014

July 3 - Day 30 - Kakabekalekawekadekasekabeka

The plan this morning was to get up early and hit the road, knowing we had things to do in Thunder Bay in the afternoon, getting there asap was important.  The weather was fantastico, so we saddled up quickly and started the expected 90km ride to Kakabeka Falls, just outside T Bay.  I was on my backup bike, the S5, which is really my favourite of the two, but not really built for this kind of a tour.  It proved to be a nice ride for the day, and we made great time during our morning stint before Billy caught us for the scheduled pit-stop.  Many interesting things alone the way this morning.....check this out.

Pretty cool......we did the ceremonial pee.......Hugh - Arctic  Sid - Atlantic

It was really a beautiful day, and our second great ride in a row.  Any wind out there was with us, and the traffic was relatively light.  I am still amazed at the incredible beauty, and have to stop myself from snapping pictures all day.

It just goes on forever

We did go out for dinner last night when Bill returned from T Bay.......we went to the Black Spruce Motel/Restaurant that we had passed earlier in the day, and found the owners almost ready to close up. We were seated however, then had the most amazing walleye dinner you can imagine.  Really fresh fish cooked to perfection.....what a treat.  Returning to camp at Savanne River it was a bummer not to be able to blog as usual, but guess you have to deal with that up north.


Riding into Kakabeka Falls was a real treat as I hadn't been there for over 30 years, and it didn't look anything like it does now.......I don't remember the water flow being anything close to what it was today.......quite spectacular.

I am excited for tomorrow as we are invited for dinner to Loon Lake, east of T Bay, and summer home to Cathy Tuckwell and her family.  Who would think we could wrangle a dinner invitation N. Superior!  It should be fun, and will be a blast meeting Cathy's family.  Wine and 6 pack is on ice already.  

We were treated like royalty in T Bay at Petries's Cycle and Sport, an institution in this town since the 1930's.  The entire staff couldn't have been more helpful.  My R3 was tuned up, given the once over, and should be in tip top shape heading into some of the toughest riding of the trip.  Guys at the shop tell us of at least 5 hills between Nipigon and Sault Ste. Marie that are 12-14% grade in places, and many others that are real ball busters.  Should be a challenge like I have never faced before, so as usual I am scared and crying like a little baby in the corner just at the thought of it.      You know me better than that!

Signing off for the evening........thinking of you all, especially you, and hope to see everyone soon.  Jocelyn Petit is at the Damn Pub this weekend......she played the beach last year.......drop in and say Hi for you guys.......Hugh


Needs some body work

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