Monday, 14 July 2014

July 13 - Day 39 - Welcome to Chi Cheemaun

It was quite a night in Whitefish Falls, as the skies opened up big time dumping tons of rain, and a pretty good thunder and lightning display also.  Nonetheless, we were up and at em' early, knowing we had plans for a cooked breakfast at the lodge before hitting the road.  The Bill's had already sampled the cooking at the lodge having stopped in their yesterday upon arrival at River Lodge/Campground, and their review was excellent.

Jackie did not disappoint us, cooking an impressive array of eggs, pancakes, sausages, etc., and the highlight, her very own homemade pemeal bacon.......outstanding.  I hope Jackie and her husband continue to work at this project, because what they have done so far is wonderful.  The energy boost from breakfast was badly needed because there were some hills awaiting us on the way to South Baymouth where we would catch the ferry, the famous Chi Cheemaun, to Tobermory.

Jackie and us outside River Lodge

The ride south was as expected with a number of ups and downs, but it was interesting to see the sedimentary rock at the side of the road instead of granite, letting us know we were in escarpment country.  When a headwind decided to join in, our day became even more interesting, but it just meant a little more work, and a little longer in the saddle.  OK a lot more work, and much longer in the saddle.

John with his first flat

Rode through Little Current on the way south, and across its famous bridge

I should know more about it, but the whole sailing/boating/fishing/hunting thing is just huge up in this area.  The North Channel is world famous as a boating destination.   Things you find out on a bike ride!

South Baymouth is an interesting town that has 4-5 rush hours/day, whenever the ferry comes to town.  The place is literally a morgue until it gets closer to ferry arrival/departure, then everyone starts to gather, the restaurants and gift shops get busy, they sell a ton of ice cream and cold drinks, loads of souvenirs, and there is a real hustle bustle about the town.   Chi Cheemaun pulls in, unloads, loads everyone who is waiting, leaves immediately, and then you could hear a pin drop in town.  The whole unloading/loading process seems to take no time at all......very slick and organized.

The Bill's getting ready to load.......on the left pulling the trailer

Nice smooth crossing, and a beautiful day

I took a million pictures on the crossing, but really like this one of Cove Island lighthouse, approaching Tobermory

There are two more days of riding, so I will still owe you a story this evening about our ride down to Owen Sound, and then another as we ride into town on the 15th.  It will be spotty after that, but we are back on the road the morning of the 21st, heading east as always.

It is nice to be so close to home after such a long journey, but I also know there is much further to go to complete the ride.  The next few days will be a welcome departure from riding every day, but most importantly a time to connect with all of you who have supported me thus far.  I can't help but see the stats very time I get into blogging mode, and I am constantly amazed by how many views this little page gets.  It means you are following my journey and that means so much to me.  

The Vega boys for Sam.......the green ones are better with the peanut butter.....yummy


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