Tuesday, 8 July 2014

July 8 - Day 34 - Hold on I'll call you a wambulance

Some mechanical problems to start the day today.  I have noticed some squeaking from the crank bearing, so decided to rest the R3 until Sault Ste. Marie, but wanted to use its gear set for the hills.  I switched back wheels and put the big gears on the S5 to see if it would work, and it did.  With a little clean and lube, re-install the seat, and I was ready to go.

 Sid and I headed out with our planned destination for the day Wawa, some 120-130km away depending on the campsite we chose.  Although I felt really good getting on the bike, it sure wasn't translating to performance on the road.  Even Sid said he saw me pedalling like a son of a bitch from behind, but I wasn't really going anywhere.  It wasn't until we stopped in White River that I noticed my bike mechanic skills were lacking, and I had left the back brake partially engaged, clearly slowing me down.

White River has a very interesting connection to Winnie the Pooh, and rather than me tell you all about it here, better that those who are interested take a look  http://www.whiteriver.ca/article/winnie-the-pooh-6.asp  .  It really is a great true story about an orphaned bear who was named Winnipeg then shortened to Winnie.  Don't know where the Pooh came from, but can only imagine on that one, bears and all.

A little honey for Hugh

So with my brake released, a little snack from the local A&W, we were on the road again, and this time out, making excellent progress.  It is totally desolate up here in between the towns, with absolutely nothing on the roads except for the odd outpost here and there.  We stopped in to a motel/cabin/convenience store/gas station setup that was really geared towards hunters and fishermen, and had an interesting chat with the owner.  He explained that if you are going to be out there you might as well have a bit of everything because you are the only game in town.  It has not been a great season for the operators so far this year, but they are looking forward to the opening of bear season August 15, followed by moose shortly thereafter.  Apparently a huge number of U.S. visitors for those events.  Fishing is always big in these parts, and our favourite pickerel, are abundant this year, but we couldn't find one in Wawa for dinner tonight.  Wawa is an Ojibway word meaning Wild Goose, so was able to add to my Large Things by the Road Album.

There are also tons of totems here in Wawa.....I am liking this collection......not traditional at all, but sure catch your eye

Billy, our ace ground controller, text messaged me this afternoon as he always does, to let me know the plans for camp, and its location/distance as best as we can make out.  His text had two options.......the provincial park 25 km past Wawa with no wifi, or the RV park in Wawa with wifi........which led to one of my all time favourite text messages.........."Do the WIFI in WAWA"..........you know, sometimes its the little things. So we are here doing the wifi, but probably won't be able to tomorrow as we will be in the boonies once again.......will catch up with you from Sault Ste. Marie on the 10th......counting the days till we will be home for a visit......cheers

Only my immediate family will get this.........Hugh Pooh


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