Tuesday, 1 July 2014

July 1 - Day 28 - From Town to Town

Happy Canada Day everyone.  We are thinking of you, and hope all your celebrations are going well.

When you are riding this stretch of the Trans Canada in Northern Ontario, you have little option but to go from town to town.  We left Dryden this morning and saw very little until we reached Ignace, our target for the day, and while it was only an 89km ride, Sid and I both commented that back home we would have thought that was a pretty fair ride for the day.  Going any further would just land you in the middle of nowhere for the night, unless you wanted to really stretch it and ride a couple of hundred km+.  The rain was coming down as we left Aaron Provincial Park, named in honour of my son Aaron.  We strapped on the rain gear and headed out for the ride to Ignace.

Nothing really special to report, except Sid woke up to a flat tire, so counting mine from the other day, he still holds an 8-6 lead.  My R3 is still touchy shifting my front rings, and needs an adjustment which I have no idea how to make, so rather than screw around with it I am just being careful when shifting and it is working out fine.  The ride today wasn't difficult, so I spent the entire day in the big ring.  It was nice to arrive at Davy Campground, and find it was equipped with nice showers, and laundry, so was able to give everything that was damp a turn in the dryer, and get caught up on all the riding clothes that needed a wash.

The weather outside is still crappy, so we streamed the US vs Belgium World Cup Match, and are now contemplating  where to go for dinner.......two choices, the burger joint, or the restaurant attached to the Petro Canada Gas Bar.........we are living large.  Forecasts, which we have learned to largely ignore, call for better weather for the balance of the week, but we re not holding our breath.  We are just happy to have cleared the prairies in advance of the terrible weather and flooding they are experiencing now.

Different view, but same sign I think

I think in many ways the last few weeks have made us bulletproof, I mean how much worse can weather get that we haven't already been out riding in.  There is now no question that every day we get up we will be riding.  Delay, possibly, but at the end of the day we are going out.  

 Ignace gets top marks for its welcome monument......one of the best we have seen, made out of chunks of granite from the highway excavation

Sid figures this is an Otter, but guess it could be a Beaver......I wouldn't have a clue, but for the Large Things collection, it definitely makes the grade


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