Saturday, 19 July 2014

July 19 - Day 45 - R&R Report

I feel like such a slug.  Three days off the bike now, and actually missing my daily rides with Sid, however we did get together for a fabulous couple of days at the Georgian Bay Club for the annual Member Guest Tournament. It would be fair to say that our golf games have suffered with the lack of play and practice over the last month and a half, although there were some sparks of brilliance along the way.  Team Dickinson/Fallon did not place well in the standings, but did have a great time, ate way too much, and were blown away by the support shown by all attendees at the MG.  The fundraising effort for our local hospitals received a huge boost at the tournament, so thanks again to all for their generous contributions.
Same team......different sport

Sid had a ride in this little puppy yesterday morning

It was great getting up this morning and flicking on the TV to watch the Open Championship and Tour de France.  I realized, as I do every time I watch golf, just how good the pro's are, and watching the Tour, I felt like such a weenie for having talked about 7-8% climbs as being challenging when these guys are ripping up the mountain at three times my top speed on similar grades.  Very inspiring to watch.  

I am amazed at the growth around the cottage this year, and know there will be plenty of trimming to do when I return in August.  The water level in Georgian Bay was reportedly higher this year and that is plain to see down at the beach.  This is the highest I have seen the water since first coming to Wymbolwood over ten years ago.  There is still plenty of room for a beach walk with Jutta and Lars.

Local farmers have planted a lot of canola this year, resulting in these gorgeous fields everywhere along the concessions east of Georgian Bay.  

Today and tomorrow are prep days for me, organizing my kit for the balance of the ride, cleaning up my bike, and probably heading out for a short one to get the legs feeling right for Monday.  Tony Cicco joins us as driver/support crew for the trip to Montreal, and hopefully he can join us for some riding if all goes according to plan.  I look forward to some gorgeous and interesting rides as we head east.  

It has been a wonderful catching up with so many friends during the break, and know we will all get together at the end of the day for a big celebration.  Back to regular blogging next week.  Cheers

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